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Property owners looking for high quality tree removal in West Chester PA trust Strobert Tree Services. At Strobert, our family owned tree care company has been serving the good people of West Chester Pennnsylvia for many years - always committed to the full and complete satisfaction of each client we serve. We live and work in the community, and we take great measures to ensure that our methods stay true to the environment and ensure sustainability for the long-term.

Removing trees from your land is not an easy job. Bring in the pros from Strobert and see to it that the task is performed to your satisfaction.

Why is Strobert Tree Service Different?
West Chester PA property owners have numerous reasons to consider Strobert when they need tree removal. Among them are:

  • Free, no obligation estimates and affordable prices.
  • 100% insured, licensed and bonded tree care professionals.
  • The most up-to-date technology ensuring only the safest and most efficient tree removal methods.
  • The most complete West Chester PA tree removal service - this includes stump grinding & removal.
  • ISA-certified experts specializing in plant health care and environmental preservation.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Specialists standing by 24/7 for emergencies.
  • On the cutting edge of the green-friendly bio-mass recycling industry.

Strobert's Cutting Edge Tree Removal Methods
Tree removal may be needed for several reasons; including heavy rain and winds, extreme drought, infections from deadly insects, lightning, among others. At some point, the tree often becomes a risk to cause damage to nearby property or people. If this has occurred on your land, the best thing to do is call in a specialist for a free assessment of the situation.

Every property has a unique set of challenges; as such, our expert tree care specialists in West Chester PA will have to come out to your home and perform an on-site assessment to decide how best to safely and efficiently take out the trees. We will look at which type of equipment and machinery to use and which of our professionals are best suited to operate the equipment and perform the job.

If your property damage is more extensive, it may be best to bring in the heavy machinery to clean out a larger stretch on land more safely and efficiently. Also, if you have dead or dying trees that are threatening nearby buildings or putting family members at risk, we will have a crew out there ASAP to keep the property damage to a minimum. After we have cleaned up the initial debris from your property in West Chester PA, stump removal/stump grinding might also be needed.

Additional Tree Removal Factors to Think About
If you choose to retain the services of Strobert Tree Removal, West Chester Pennnsylvia landowners should consider the following questions:

  • How should we dispose of the wood, branches and other debris from the dead trees?
  • If you do want the keep the wood from the trees, would you like us to chop it into fire wood for you?
  • How should we dispose of all the waste materials?
  • Will the tree's surface roots need to be traced?
  • What will you be planting (if anything) in place of the removed tree? Would you like any help from us with topsoil or seeding?
  • Do you believe we will need to also perform stump grinding and/or removal?

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