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If you are in need of high quality tree removal in Haverford PA, you have come to the right place! At Strobert Tree Service, we have been providing premium tree care solutions for residents of Haverford PA - with an ongoing commitment to your total and complete satisfaction. Our family owned company is local to this area, and we do everything possible to perform our services in an environmentally sound manner so we can preserve the health of our community for many generations to come.

Felling a tree can be quite complicated for a do-it-yourselfer. Call in the pros at Strobert to ensure that it is done in a safe and efficient manner.

Experience the Strobert Tree Difference
Haverford PA residents choose Strobert tree removal for quite a few reasons. Such as:

  • Your complete Haverford PA tree removal service - including stump grinding and removal.
  • Fully trained experts that are 100% licensed, bonded and insured.
  • Affordable prices with free no hassle estimates.
  • A market leader in environmentally friendly services such as bio-mass recycling.
  • Industry leading technological methods with the safest and most efficient tree removal equipment available.
  • Arborists with ISA certification and vast experience in plant health care and other environmental preservation techniques.
  • A total 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • Emergency 24/7 services available whenever you need us.

Strobert's Tree Removal Methodology
Trees become unwanted for a lot of reasons; they may be diseased or dead, hit by lightning, blown down by a storm, or just growing up too close to an important structure on the property. When the tree does start to get too close to buildings or even pose a danger to family members, it's time to get serious and call in an expert to assess what's going on and lay out a solid plan of action.

Everyone's situation is different, so our Haverford PA tree care experts will need to go on site and assess your land to decide how to go about removing your downed and dead tree is the most safe and efficient manner. One of the things we will need to decide is the type of equipment that is best for the job and choosing the best personnel to operate the equipment.

If the tree damage on your property is more widespread, we may need to bring in the heaviest equipment to more efficiently clean out the unwanted trees and other debris. And if your dead trees are putting other buildings or people at immediate risk, we will have an emergency crew out there right away to make sure the damage to the surrounding area is minimized. After the initial cleanup of the debris from your home in Haverford PA, stump grinding and stump removal may also become necessary to complete the work.

Additional Things to Consider with Tree Removal
If you make the decision to go ahead with our expert tree removal services, Haverford PA homeowners need to look at a few other factors. These include:

  • What should be done with the wood from the dead trees?
  • If you are keeping the wood, should we turn it into firewood for you?
  • Do you have any preference for getting rid of the waste materials?
  • Are you going to plant anything to replace the trees that are removed? If so, do you need our help with seeding and/or topsoil?
  • Will surface root tracing be necessary?
  • What about the stumps? Will they need to be grinded or removed?

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