Stump Grinding

Many clients do not realize that Stump grinding is not included in the price of tree removal. Although stump removal is an additional charge, there are a number of reasons it may be necessary:

  • Replanting in the same area
  • Proximity to the foundation of your home or pool
  • Landscape aesthetics and lawn usability

Stumps are ground below grade (6"-8") and topsoil and seed are applied, if you choose.

The debris created when we remove tree stumps actually makes great mulch. However, it is important to understand that larger stumps mean larger piles of debris. You may consider having the grindings removed while we are on site.

Strobert also offers stump removal services for existing stumps from trees that you have previously had removed.

Please keep in mind that scheduling stump grinding services relies greatly on the weather, as the heavy piece of equipment being used can easily cause damage to your lawn if the ground is too saturated. We will communicate any changes in the schedule as we are made aware.